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I offer tailor-made photographic solutions, from General Photography, to Events, Photo sessions, Weddings, and Social, Landscape and Portraiture Photography. I specialise in old photographic process, including Salt, Gum-bicarbonate and Cyanotype printing.

My art – photography, is for me an essential tool to communicate my ideas, my feelings and emotions to the outside world. I started photography when I was around 10, only taking it seriously in my 20’s….I am now in my 40’s and still discovering the beauty of this medium. I use both colour and monochrome media, however I tend to prefer presenting my works in Black & White – believing that by presenting a simplified version of what I imagine; I can better communicate what I am experiencing.

My work has centred mostly on people, man’s interaction with the environment he is in. People doing sport, playing music, working, or walking in the street are among my favourite subjects. These subjects are mostly presented in Black and White images -, images through which I feel what the person was going through whilst playing music, or intricately working, or selling his wares in the street. . In monochrome works, I tend to focus strongly on the subject – surgically cutting it off form the background. I tend to prefer producing dark simple and clean images – which I feel permit me to establish a better contact with my subjects

Some of my works focus on nature, landscapes, seascapes, and nightscapes, often portraying the solitude of the place. These works are mostly presented in colour media, as here I feel the colour contributes to the mood of the image, evoking the warmth, or loneliness and isolation of a place, or the beauty of colours in nature.

Photography is my non verbal means of expression, through which I portray the life, the time, the world as I see it. It often means being in the right space, at the right moment, with the right equipment and the right frame of mind in order to produce the right image capturing and communicating the passion and emotion and unique essence of the moment without invading the human circumference. I try to present my works in a way that makes me feel as if I am there, perceiving the ambiance, the excitement, the glow or the gloom of the subject.